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The OnlyBoth Inc. benchmarking engines use Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) performance quality data to generate comparative insights you will not find anywhere else, updated as often as the CMS data.


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Which nursing homes got fined the most?

Discover 20 nursing homes out of 15,454 in the US with the highest amount of total fines. CMS may issue fines to nursing homes when there’s a serious health or safety citation, and can continue to issue fines if the problem is not corrected.

Which states have the most nursing home residents?

Discover 20 states out of 51 with the highest total number of nursing home residents in the state.

Which states have the fewest nursing home residents?

Discover 20 states out of 51 with the lowest total number of nursing home residents in the state.

Which nursing homes are least prepared for emergencies, such as natural disasters and hurricanes?

Discover 20 nursing homes out of 15,453 in the US with the highest count of emergency preparedness deficiencies.

June through November can bring massive storms to the US. Hurricanes often knock out electricity and cause damage to property and other natural resources. Nursing homes must be prepared to keep residents safe during and after hurricanes.

Which hospitals performed the most outpatient procedures?

Discover 20 hospitals out of 0 in the US with the highest number of total outpatient procedures. The total is the sum of gastrointestinal, eye, nervous system, musculoskeletal, skin, genitourinary, cardiovascular, respiratory, and other procedures at a given hospital.

Which dialysis facilities have the most dialysis stations?

Discover 20 dialysis facilities out of 7,578 with the highest number of dialysis stations.

Find out how a healthcare facility in your location compares to others, or explore facilities in your city, state or nationally.

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Nursing homesJan/29/2020
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Dialysis facilitiesJan/22/2020
Home health agenciesFeb/20/2020
Hospice agenciesFeb/20/2020
Inpatient rehab facilitiesDec/11/2019
Long-term care hospitalsDec/11/2019
Social determinants of health2018 Release

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